Donate to the academy

If you like what the Andre Gray Football Academy is all about, you can donate to increase its reach, and help more young people (especially those in developing countries) get more enjoyment from playing and improving their football skills. You can donate in a number of ways: 

By credit card

You can make a credit or debit card donation, which will be used to purchase Steem, and powered up

Delegate Steem

You can delegate Steem Power to the project very simply. Your Steem tokens remain in your wallet and can be undelegated at any time 

Send crypto

You can send Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Steem. Your donation will be converted to Steem and powered up



All transactions which are not made in Steem will incur conversion fees. This means the amount we receive will be slightly lower than the amount you send to cover the exchange fees. There is normally a minimum conversion rate, so if donating, please make sure the amount is above $10 USD to ensure your donation is not completely swallowed by these third party fees. Thank you for your donation! It will make a difference, however small.