Andre’s Drills and Skills Videos

How to earn STEEM for practising

You should make sure you follow the full instructions to ensure you get a full upvote. You can find them here:

Choose a video to watch, and then go and practice what Andre has shown you. 

Make a video of yourself practising, then upload it to YouTube. 

After this, you can log into our portal and drop your link, make a post, and send a personal message to Andre. 

All videos which meet the guidelines will receive an upvote from Andre, which earns you STEEM cryptocurrency. The best videos will get higher upvotes, which means you earn even more. 

Video 1: Instep Pass

Video 2: Control & Passing

Video 3: The Volley

Video 4: Long Range Passing

Video 5: Ball Control

Video 6: Heading

Head Coach's Drill

Video 1: Ball Manipulation and Ball Control

Now it’s your turn

Go and practise what you have learned in each video. Make your own video, upload to YouTube, and then come back to the portal to post it using our simple interface. All videos are reviewed and upvoted if they meet the guidelines.