Help making your videos

Exceptional quality videos make premiership earnings!

In football, it's always about giving it 100% all the time. So why not show Andre that with some of his additional skills, you're on the top of your game, and produce a video that he would want to show to the world?

Andre really wants to be able to show the world what he is doing to encourage young people to play and improve at the sport, and this means being able to share some of the very best videos on his Social Media channels.

The higher quality video you can produce, the more likely Andre is to feature you in his Premiership Hall of Fame...and reward you with a big upvote! 


Make sure you understand what the rules are. They’re pretty simple really.

Not following the rules might mean you don’t get an upvote from Andre.

What a great video looks like

Say hello to Andre, and Introduce yourself, and a bit about what AGF academy means to you! 
Record footage of yourself doing the drills in the instruction video (best if you get a friend to handle the camera for you).
Add the AGFacademy logo to your video and blog.
Close your video with a thanks to Andre for setting up the academy and supporting young players all over the world.


Every professional video maker knows that filming something is not enough. It has to be edited to look great and sound great. There are loads of great free and premium apps that you can use to enhance your videos.


Take your time to film a few different angles, and splice them together using your editing package. Use different filters to get the best results. And it doesn't hurt to put a great music / audio track over it too!


The fact is that nobody wants to see a 40 minute long video of kids kicking a ball at a wall. Make it short and interesting. In a few minutes, show us some of your passion for the game, and give something back to Andre that he can show to his team-mates!