About Steem

What is Steem?

Steem is a blockchainā€¦a new technology that is becoming very popular. It is the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but there are many different blockchains, each with their own token. We use the Steem blockchain, which has the STEEM token as it’s currency. 

Steem was originally set up as a social media community which rewards it’s users for contributing their work. But it’s so much more than that, as you will find out when you join.

How do I make money on Steem?

You earn new Steem tokens by posting content. Other people who like your content can upvote it, and a share of the new tokens generated every day is given to popular content creators. The more STEEM tokens you have, the more you can reward other people. Andre has a lot of STEEM tokens, and wants to use his upvote to reward young people who improve their football skills using his academy.

Can I do anything else on Steem?

Of course. Once you have your Steem account, you can use the entire blockchain, and interact with everyone else. There are literally hundreds of applications and communities on there, and you are sure to find some that you want to be part of, and thousands of like minded users. There’s loads of people to help you on your journey too.

What’s the deal with getting an account?

In order to be able to post on the Steem blockchain, you need some STEEM POWER. It’s not quite as simple as just signing up for an account. In order to get some STEEM POWER you need someone to delegate you a small amount so you can post, upvote and comment. And this costs someone money. So, Steem accounts are tecnically not freeā€¦someone is paying for them. We can set up a small number every day, and are happy to do so, especially to help people in poorer countries get onto the blockchain. You can even apply to Steemit.com for a free account, but it can take some time (often some weeks) to get an account approved (because there are so many people applying). 

Alternatively, for just $2.50 you can just buy an instant access account from  Steem.Ninja with your credit or debit card. This gets you up and running in under 1 minute, and if you do a great video through the AGFA portal, you’re more than likely going to make this (and more back) with just your first post. 


You can apply for a Steem account from Andre Gray (limited quantity) or use another method to get on the Steem blockchain